Safe living and working
An alarm system never sleeps. It warns in case of burglary or fire, thus preventing theft, damage and vandalism. Moreover, it increases the chance of arresting unwanted visitors. So it's not surprising that more and more people opt for the safety and protection of an alarm system. The wireless alarm system of Elro is easy to install without the need to drill holes or to install pipes and wiring and are therefore the perfect security solution for all types of residential and commercial properties.

How does it work?
Each system consists of a central unit with a number of detectors or magnetic contacts. These are installed in different areas like doors or windows. In case of burglary or fire the system warns you with a siren or calls the automated pre-programmed phone numbers through the mobile telephone network if needed.

Customized for home, apartment, house, villa or commercial building
A villa requires a different alarm system than an apartment. Therefore Elro offers customized systems that can be expanded with various accessories such as motion detectors, smoke or water detectors, flashlights, cell phone dialer and wall cabinets.


  • For each type of home, holiday accommodation or commercial building
  • Has preventive and deterrent effect
  • Wireless, thus without the need of drilling holes or fitting pipes and wiring to install
  • Complete package, directly to install and use
  • Easy to use
  • Can be customized and expanded with accessories as desired
  • Operates on a special secure frequency (868 MHz) which cannot be jammed
  • Range of 75 meters