Warranty and complaints

Do I have a warranty on my product?
  • Yes, on all products you buy at ELRO you have the right of a legal warranty. This means that you are entitled to a good product. Is this not the case? Then we would like to offer you a suitable solution.
How long do I have a warranty on a product?
  • You have at least 2 years warranty on your article at ELRO. On the product page of the article you can find the specific warranty period.
What is the warranty certificate of my item?
  • Any proof showing the payment / agreement is sufficient to claim the legal warranty. We advise you to keep your invoice as the warranty certificate. You can find this in your account. We also send the invoice via the mail after your order.


Do you have a broken or defective article?
  • We are sorry, we will solve this as soon as possible. Please contact our customer service


I want to have my product repaired

  • We try to provide you with a product that works as quickly as possible. Attention! ELRO is not responsible for data retention. Please contact our customer service department for repair.

What are the costs of the repair besides the warranty conditions?

  • The total costs depend strongly on the article and the defect. If the defect falls within the warranty conditions and the warranty period, we will repair the defect free of charge. If the defect is outside the warranty conditions and warranty period, you will first receive an indication of the costs. Please contact our customer service to report the defective item.


Have you not been helped to your satisfaction after contacting our customer service? To solve this as quickly as possible, we advise you to fill in. Of course there is also the possibility to submit a complaint in writing or by e-mail. For a quick and correct handling of your complaint, we kindly ask you to provide the following information:

- name, address, place of residence and your customer number or order number

You can send the complaint, with details of the data above, to:

ELRO Europe 
To the attention of Complaints
Post Office Department 9607 - Box E800
1006 GC Amsterdam The Netherlands

This may be a complaint about our products as well as about our services. Once your complaint has been received, we will send a confirmation of receipt. Within 14 days you will receive a substantive telephone response or we will send a substantive response via e-mail.

If you, as a consumer, are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint, you can also submit this to the Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel or to the Arbitration Committee via the Europees ODR Platform.

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